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We understand the complexities of the healthcare industry. That’s why, as one of the finest medical billing companies in the United States, we are here to increase your profitability and reduce errors. Providers Care Billing LLC will put your mind at ease by handling the complexities of medical billing, coding, & credentialing and enable you to focus wholeheartedly on what truly matters – provide exceptional care to your patients. 


Premium & Effective Medical Billing And Coding Services at 2.89% only!

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Failure to Prioritize RCM? Not Anymore!

Doctors always have their hands full, don’t they? Balancing easy care for patients with yearly increases in delivery and management expenses is like trying to keep a stack of papers from tipping over on a windy day. Over 95 percent of medical practice owners, believe it or not, are unhappy with their medical billing processes.
You see, most healthcare face challenges like bills arrive long before the cash, and the waiting game begins. occasionally you have to wait months before the money arrives – and occasionally it doesn’t even bother to arrive. Most of them are working against the clock to untangle those tangled bills before the end of the year.
However, there is a silver lining – “Provider Care Billing LLC.” We act as your healthcare financial wizards, working behind the scenes to ensure that your medical billing & coding processes are under control, your revenue is increasing, and your patients receive the A+ care they deserve. It’s like having a trusted friend on your side in this dangerous healthcare jungle.

So, why not band together and ace this healthcare game together?

Why Choose Providers Care Billing LLC?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back To Us!

When you work with Providers Care Billing LLC, you get all of the perks under one roof. Our complete medical billing, coding, consulting, and credentialing services are designed to improve your practice’s financial health, streamline operations, and ultimately allow you to focus your efforts on what matters most – providing outstanding medical treatment to your valued patients. 

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Easy on
Your Wallet

With a mere 2.89% service fee, Provider Care Billing, as one of the affordable medical billing companies in the US stands as the pinnacle of affordability in medical billing revenue management across the US.

Real Help,
Real Results

We’ve got over 2000 Health Care Providers singing our praises. We’ve tackled their medical billing, coding, and credentialing woes, giving them more time to focus on what really matters – their clients’ well-being.

Transparent and Fair Process

Our commitment to transparent operations means no hidden rates. You’ll always know what you’re getting, making your partnership with us clear, straightforward, and free from any unwelcome surprises.

Unparalleled Satisfaction

A 5-star rating and a perfect 100% client satisfaction record demonstrate our commitment to providing great service. We are motivated by your success and happiness.

Expert Team
at Your Side

Provider Care Billings has a highly qualified team of medical billing & coding services and quality assurance experts on staff. This formidable team ensures that your financial procedures function smoothly and that your compliance is unshakable.

Aces at Revenue Recovery

In the realm of Accounts Receivable (AR) Management and Revenue Recovery, Provider Care Billings shines as an industry leader. Our strategies and insights help reclaim potentially lost revenue, bolstering your financial stability.

Claim SUCCESS - Every Time

Our astounding 99% First-Time Claims Passing Rate is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. You can trust that your claims are in capable hands.


We consistently uphold the highest compliance standards, ensuring that your operations remain not only profitable but also ethically sound and legally compliant

What We DO?

Medical Billing Services

We’re Providers Care Billing LLC, your one-stop shop for medical billing and coding. There are no hidden costs here, just a simple 2.89% rate. We’re positioned in the United States, with our headquarters in Schaumberg, Illinois, and another in Middletown, Delaware. Consider us billing pals, here to make your life easier.

Medical Coding Services

What’s up, healthcare heroes? We’re Providers Care Billing LLC, and we’re all about making your practice management a breeze. From order to intake, intake to claim, and claim to payment, we’ve got your back. Our goal? Hooking you up with the latest strategies and info to keep your healthcare game strong.

Advanced Software or IT Solutions

Switching software got you sweating? No worries! Our team is like a software wizardry squad. We’re totally comfortable with a bunch of medical billing software and EHRs. Your software’s our software – from the super popular ones to the lesser-known champs, we’ve got the know-how

Credentialing Services

Here’s the scoop about Providers Care Billing LLC – we’re not your typical suits. Our dream team is packed with industry experts who know their stuff inside out. We’re talking medical billing, healthcare management, coding, credentialing – you name it. Oh, and we’ve got slick software and IT magic in our toolkit. We’re the support crew for hundreds of healthcare providers all over the USA – from solo docs to big hospitals.

Reports Cycle

Welcome to Providers Care Billing LLC, your one-stop shop for high-quality medical billing and RCM services that will boost your revenue and patient care game. With our reports, you can get the dirt on your practice’s financial health! We provide medical billing revenue cycle reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition, we have your back with patients and insurance AR reports. We’ll make those evaluations on the fly if you give us a call.


So, who are we? Providers Care Billing LLC, is your partner in boosting revenue and patient care, one billing at a time!

Our Legacy of Achievements..!

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Our Billing Bliss For Every Speciality!

We’re here to enhance revenue and patient care for each area – so you can focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional healthcare.  


Mental Health & Subsequent

Our services are tailored to enable easy billing, whether it's in mental health or another industry.

Anesthesia and Pain Management

Painless and Precise Billing & Coding

Home Health (All Specialities)

Caring at home is your gig; handling billing intricacies is ours.


For all things Urological




From Skin care to skin health and Complex Procedures

Internal Medicine Physicians

From Check-Ups to Chronic condition management


From feet to finance





Family Practitioners

Family Practitioners / Family Practice Physicians / Family Practice Doctors


Crystal Clear finances for your practices

Urgent Care

Quick, Efficient, and Effective Billing




Our Diverse Range of Services Are Used By

Our medical billing, practice management consulting, and revenue cycle management services are used by the following:

Small Medical Practices

Our medical billing, coding, and credentialing services step in to tackle the daunting admin tasks, letting you focus on giving top-notch care to your patients. No more juggling between forms and codes – we’ve got your back.

Solo Physicians

Being a solo physician might sometimes feel like a one-person show, but with Providers Care Billing LLC, you’re never alone. Our services are tailor-made to simplify your billing complexities and streamline credentialing. Think of us as your backstage crew

Physician Group

Isn’t their strength in numbers? We are trusted by physician groups to perform the complicated game of medical billing, coding, and consulting. With our assistance, your organization can enhance revenue streams and provide smooth patient care.

Independent Medical Practice Group

When independent minds come together, amazing things happen. Our team seamlessly integrates with your practice group, aligning our medical billing and Coding prowess with your unique needs.

Hospital-Owned Physician Practices and Groups

We collaborate with hospital-owned medical practices and groups to ensure correct billing, coding, and credentialing. This allows you to concentrate on providing exceptional treatment within the context of the larger healthcare ecosystem.

Medical Clinics

Busy medical clinics need smooth operations to keep up with patient demand. Our medical billing and coding expertise keeps the gears turning smoothly, reducing errors and financial hiccups. This ensures that your medical clinic can provide a consistent and dependable care experience to every patient who walks through your doors.

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With our devoted staff on your side, you will not only survive but thrive. We are more than just medical billing, coding, credentialing, and consulting service providers; we are your business partners. Our tried-and-true tactics and steadfast dedication will not only expedite your financial procedures but will also increase your revenue sources.

We’ve changed the fate of many businesses… And NOW It’s Your Turn!